Our Project

“Yalla connect” is a group of people, citizens and refugees, wanting to bring attention to the problems refugees are facing. Starting point for the project was Eisenberg, where the first reception centre for refugees in Thuringia is located. There, we started gathering experiences and stories for example about the reasons for fleeing, the different ways how refugees reach Germany and experiences concerning their asylum procedure.

The project “Yalla connect” aims to share these stories to the public and to spread awareness about the challenges refugees are going through. Therefore, different stories were collected by media such as video, audio and texts. We believe that sharing these experiences leads to a better understanding of the refugees’ condition. This creates a connection among refugees and citizens as human beings regardless of our backgrounds. We aspire and hope for a society where people treat, encounter and life with each other in a respectful way free of prejudices, stereotypes or other discriminatory behaviours. “Yalla connect” is a first step for us how to reach this vision.

We wish that this website becomes a platform for other people wanting to document their stories. We consider this as means of self-empowerment as stories don’t remain silent, but can be spread and listened to in the public. We can try to overcome isolation and separation if we simply connect and know more about each other. Therefore: YALLA, DAWEI, COME ON, ALLEZ, VAMOS, HAJDE … and CONNECT!

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